The Pull

I watch as one by one, the dominos fall… 

The breeze swifts through them, they fall weak at the knees.

Falling to the ground unable to walk, their hands immersed in dirt.

Lies become truths and truths lies.

Fantasy becomes reality when the demons come to play.


Through a Stripper’s eye


Good evening all,

I’ve decided to have a short break for some much well deserved RnR.
But I am leaving you in good hands.

I stumbled across this article, (actually recommended by a dancer herself) and I thought I would share.

“For the people who really don’t understand strippers and what they do. Read! I promise you’ll be shocked. We’re not all drug F@%$ed, sad, attention seeking women. Dancers are quite possibly some of the most interesting, smartest, inspirational women Iv met. They usually have a business or six. They’ve danced their ass off to get to where they are today. I plan on retiring early, having my own mortgage free life, successful business and being content with the life iv lived. I absolutely love my life. Wouldn’t change a thing!”, Honey.

Hope you enjoy it!

Also check out the hilarious Super Bowl ad that Two Broke Girls made! Hilarious and is definately the next natural step for those girls in the real world if they ever want capital for their cupcakes! Enjoy

Lola Del Fontaine xo

Stripper and Waitress: A Match Made In … Hell?


Behind the doors of our plush upstanding workplace, there are so many dirty deeds that take place, and I’m not talking about the obvious.

The girls themselves can only do so much before they need us to pick up the pieces. Call it a supply chain, if you will that minimises time, inhibitions whilst maximising profits.

These are the secrets that every talented stripper should know and what everyone customer wished they knew.


Faux Shots:

Obviously you’re out for a big night when your partying hard in a strip club but do you really think the strippers have been keeping up with you all night?

Of course not, whilst you’re busy starring at their ta-ta’s I’m handing out candy flavoured water to those minxes whilst keeping the profits for myself.

Oh don’t be so surprised, it’s just karma if your not going to tip us, in a place where it is most certainly mandatory.

The Double Shot:

This move is perfected with girlie charm and betting your insecurities of masculinity against you.

The classic “Let’s do shots” and when it comes time to drink them they wimp out forcing two on you, because they are no match and you can most certainty take it… Well until you pass out and they take all your money!

Maxed Out:

Ever woken up with a pounding headache and all of your cents gone? Well you think its all fun and games until you go withdraw some money or try to pay the bills with a maxed out credit card.

This is the natural progression after the above acts have been played. Often the dancers will keep you in the dance room once you are smashed because no one suspects you’ve basically passed out whilst sitting in a dance booth.

In all my years, so many ladies have maxed guys credit cards without a care in the world. I have witnessed some pretty horrible ones, where I’ve had to tell the dancers that he has no more money just for them to stop!

All the ladies of the fantasyland need to stick together. As much as the stripper can do for us we also have a lot of power.

After all we can judge the customer group, find out who the leader is (spending all the money), how much money they have and what type of girl they are into, as the customer sees us as unbiased and often gives us a “girl order” to which I fulfill and pimp out my ladies that I love.

Bottom-line; waitresses and strippers can both make and break each other’s chances of scoring big!

Moral of the story for us: Play nice and be rewarded.

Moral for the customer: Only ever bring cash to a strip club because once we have liquored you up, the game is on!

 Lola Del Fontaine xo



Last night was a pretty quite one for us, as people are realising that Christmas is over and their wallets are empty. Some new strippers came into the club though looking for a new place to call “home”, well… for now at least. We have a few regular dancers but most girls travel from all over the world, living a nomad lifestyle, dancing, drinking and buying Chanel.

It dawned on me however that my lovely readers may not know how a new girl becomes a stripper, so over my work-break and gin I thought I would enlighten you.


If a girl is serious (and many aren’t) about being stripper they apply online sending through an application and of course, a photo. Then the best are selected to come in for the face to face.

They meet, they greet, they sign contracts stating they are an independant sub-contractor and agree to all the house rules. (For house rules, see The House Fee Post)
If all goes well they move on to the audition, thats right they have to be tested to make sure they can get down and dirty!


Most dancers have stripped before and you can definately pick them out of the crowd, if not for all the tattoos then by the crazy poles moves they are doing.

But every once in a while you get a new girl, fresh meat if you will. They will be shy, really awkward and really funny to watch.

I remember this one girl, she had a customer come sit at the stage to have a “play” with her, the moment was priceless. She was dancing in front of him trying to pull of confidence and flair and as she pulled one of her sexy moves, she lost balance and fell straight on him!!

Definately the funniest thing I have ever seen! The guy was so surprised (and not in a good way) but luckily for her he still tipped her. I think he felt so bad for the poor unco-ordinated girl.

It was pretty funny and I’m always on the lookout for when the new girls are facing the crowd. I mean it’s not my style but you’ve got to give them some credit for being able to get up there and shake it with all their kit off.

More secrets to be revealed soon!!


Lola Del Fontaine xo



So I figured I would break up these main stories with some case studies of real stories that have happened. Answering questions seems like a good way to start, so enjoy. If you have any questions, leave me a comment.

Q: What has been the most peculiar thing a person has told you?

A: Because we work in this venue guys tell all about their secret fantasies and secrets, (the good stuff that they will never tell their wives/girlfriends).

I remember this one guy came up to the bar and was disappointed that his fantasy girl wasn’t there. Obsessed with Asian woman he started to explain to me in the deepest detail what he wanted her to do and be.

Too say I was a little bit disturbed and uncomfortable would be putting it politely.

Q: What has been the weirdest thing someone has asked you?

A: There have been a lot of things to this day that I can’t even fathom why they asked.

I’ve had it all, starting from the basics like; “Do you dance?” to “Can I take you upstairs and we’ll go from there”

(umm… WE ARE JUST A STRIP CLUB… HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS) Haha we have to explain this to people all the time, it bloody annoying.

Probably the strangest thing I have been asked is over a period of time with this regular I had. He wanted to wine me and dine me, take me overseas, buy me cars, you name it… Oh and did I mention he was a 60 something old man with tatts all over him? (Probably mafia styles).

I just love how guys still don’t get that no means no. Although this started to happen when I started working there, back in the days when I was the shyest girl there and was intimidated by a fly and its pretty hard to say no to hundreds of dollars being given to you. Yeah, yeah I know what your all thinking, don’t worry no mystery murder here, I never saw him outside the club. I guess I’m just not that type of girl/prostitute.

After about 8 months he eventually gave up and started dating a stripper.

I saw them out once. Hilarious. I have never seen a girl duck so fast in my life and then after I ordered my drink they were gone.

If you guys have anymore questions you want answered about our fantasyland. Let me know I am an open book.

The Couples

In my travels, I have discovered that when I discuss this type of customer people are shocked, intrigued and confused.

I mean why would happy couples come in to be lied to, manipulated and then keep coming back for more? Surely to get closer to someone you don’t put a young girl in between you… But they are becoming more frequent every night.

The stripper is fucked from the beginning if she goes up to the guy first. The girl always gets offended or more so protective of her man and the realization that she might not be involved in the “fantasy”.

I find it funny when the couple will be talking to a girl and the guy is totally into it but the next second the woman gives him a slight shake of the head, and its all over for that stripper.

But when they have found their dancer for the evening, it is on like there is no tomorrow. This type of customer tends to be more loyal and stay with the same girl all night.

I remember this couple that used to come in all the time, so often that I knew both their drink and girl orders.

(That’s what I love to do when I’m bored, start pimping out my gurrrrls and see if I can make them some money)

They were so close with this dancer that they used to go to her acrobat competitions to watch her, bringing gifts for her. (Kind of a mix between proud parents and a needy boyfriend).

Another classic moment was when a “boyfriend” regular of a stripper (for 8 years) one day decided to come in with his wife. She didn’t know whether to flirt with her or run for the hills!!

Apparently this guy would straight out tell his wife that he was off to the strippers by himself on a Saturday night, just like it was normal?? “Thanks for dinner honey, off to the strippers now, don’t wait up!” …. Ummm WTF!

And people think we are the strange creatures of the world 😛

2 out of 10

  • The Power Play

This guy comes in all shapes and sizes, but when he enters he’s defensive and lets face it… a dick.

He’s had a bad day at work, got the blame for a project that failed, lost a deal or lost his job at the end of the day he’s here to take it out on anyone he can, and apparently to guys strippers are the first thing to come to mind.

This type of guy thinks that he can come in make a joke about us and demine us to ultimately feel better about himself.

He thinks we are mentally fucked in the head and the lowest of the low, but most of the girls actually enjoy what they do or are using it as a means to an end of something else they love. So if you really think about it, who really is the more fucked up?

  • The “Boyfriend”

Ahhhhh… one of the most obscure men, that wanders into our club and every other club in the world. More commonly known as the “Regular”.

These guys I find the most interesting and also really sad.

They start off as every other guy that comes in but quickly turn when they are put under a spell by a dancer or even one of us (waitress or bartender).

They start coming in all the time, just for you. Just to see you, to talk to you, to try and be with you. Most of the dancers love when they get regulars because it gives them consistency in how much money they will make.

They treat them like real boyfriends (well almost) but only at the club. They often stay in private dances with them all night and after a while the “boyfriends” will just pay for them to talk to them or so they can rub the girls shoulders. They even exchange numbers and sometimes Facebook accounts so they can stay in touch and tell them when they work so they can visit the dancers each shift.

I guess they try and forget about the money and only want to see a beautiful girl that will listen to them and make them feel less alone.

Well that’s enough for tonight…  If these guys aren’t you, don’t worry plenty more where that came from. Night xo